Portable Transfer Pumps

Model No.
TP-40(Water Feature Pump)
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    Key Features

    • Priming 5M flows within 2 minutes.
    • High speed mechanical seal for pump durability.
    • Insulating shaft design meets international safety standard of brush motor.
    • High efficiency, low current, portable for multi-purpose usage.

    Hung Pump Industrial Co., Ltd is a well-experienced Pump Manufacturer in Taiwan, has been specializing in Clean Water pumps, Dirty Water Pumps, Drainage Pumps and Gardening Pumps for over 20 years.  In order to satisfy our customers, we also providePumps Accessories,Domestic Pumps, Automatic Pumps, Pressure Pumps and Water Drainage Pumps with superior quality.  Our Industrial Pumps, Water Feature Pumps and Effluent Pumps are excellent products.  If you are looking for durable Sewage Cutter Pumps, Cutter Pumps, and Quick-release Volute Sewage Pump, please feel free to contact us.

    Model Power Outlet Max Flow Flow (LPM) @ Head (M) Max Head Dimension
    HP W mm lnch liter/min 5M 10M 15M 20M 30M meter mm kg
    TP-40 1/2 400 25 1'' 80 76 69 60 50 28 40 345x158x196 8